Green Chef Training



Green Chef Training

with Chef Dina Knight 

Chef Dina Knight  
Chef Dina has been hailed as the “Queen of Flavor”. Anyone who has tasted her food knows she is one of the top holistic chefs in the country with special expertise in flavor balancing, flavor combining and palate development.  She's an award winning chef who's worked with celebrities, top tier athletes and trained other award winning chefs and restaurateurs. Chef Dina travels around the country on lectures and speaking tours and provides private chef services, consultations and offers beginning, intermediate and gourmet classes and programs.

She teaches you how to think like a chef, not just follow a bunch of recipes.

Don't miss this opportunity to get trained by her directly, her travel schedule is extremely busy so be sure to join her at an upcoming class when she comes to a city near you or send us a request for a city you’re in and we’ll see about having a class in your location!

The recipes Chef Dina creates are nutrient dense, gluten and dairy free, and will leave you feeling energetic and vibrant. Greens are some of the foods known for their highest nutrient density!


Chef Dina’s recipes have become favorites with friends and other Chefs from all over the country!


“I must own over 300 cook/uncook books and I still keep going back to your recipes.

You are really the Queen! Hope you can come to Nashville sometime this year... maybe for a book tour?”

                                                                                                                                              S. M. Jacks (TN)


“I’ve been overweight most of my life. At 56 years old, I’d had enough and decided it was time to take charge of my body. I found a great doctor who discovered I had gluten, dairy and egg allergies, essentially forcing me into massive changes. My doctor recommended raw food. I bought tons of raw food books, took classes, and made some of the worst food I’ve ever tasted (throwing out ALL that expensive organic food!). THEN I MET CHEF DINA! Geez, what a difference she made in my life! I learned to make raw food that’s better than the cooked version!  I dropped 50 pounds and 3 sizes. I’m working on the last stubborn 20 pounds, but with her help and insight into flavor balancing, I know I will get it off and keep it off! I owe ALOT to her and cannot say enough about the quality of her recipes and teaching. The flavors just CANNOT be beat. I’m buying her book immediately and every one that follows! 

                                                                                                                                           B. Haldiman (NM)


"I recently attending a class hosted by Dina ....and it was truly AMAZING and INFORMATIVE, plus the food was so tasty. I highly recommend checking out her website, and signing up to her future classes. Best of luck to those seeking better health."


                                                                                   S. Gurusamy (CA)


(Chef Training) (Includes meals and manual)

Level 1 Weekend Intensive

What to bring: Bring a chef knife, apron/chef coat, and hair covering if you have them.

Includes Hands-On Training!

Topics Covered include:

  • Setting up a Green Kitchen
  • The Green Spectrum of Health
  • Equipment Usage and Training
  • Basics of Flavor Balancing
  • Sprouting and Dehydrating
  • Juicing
  • Weight Loss and Detoxification
  • Benefits of Cultured Foods
  • Benefits of Sea Vegetables
  • Gluten and Dairy-Free Alternatives to traditional recipes
  • Knife Skills
  • How to incorporate more living, and green diet recipes into your life


**All Recipes are gluten-free, and dairy-free.

  • Super Power Green Smoothie and Blended Italian Soup
  • Raw Portabella Fajitas with Spicy Nacho Cheese
  • Vegetable Pastas with Raw vegan sauces
  • How to use sea vegetables to create mineral dense delicious dishes
  • Nori Rolls with Asian Dipping sauce
  • Coconut Chia Pudding
  • Chipotle Kale Chips
  • Sprout Salad with Spicy Spirulina Dressing
  • Create brownies with kale and super foods in them
  • and many more!!

Watch the video below to see what a former student felt about training with Chef Dina!

Level 2 (Chef Training-Intermediate/Advanced Course)

Topics Covered:

  • Recipe Creation and Development
  • Palate Development & Flavor Balancing Techniques
  • Creating low-fat, low-glycemic meals and recipes (spa cuisine)
  • Ethnic Flavors with a Green Diet
  • Preserving Nutrients and Flavor
  • Improving Digestibility of Foods
  • Plating and presentation skills
  • Recipe Conversions
  • Sauces/Dressings/Marinades
  • Using irish moss, psyllium husk, chia seeds and other binders
  • Alkalizing the body through living foods
  • Special diet menu creation
  • Presentation skills
Includes hands-on food preparation, recipe creation and development. You will
learn to think and create like a chef, not just follow a bunch of recipes!

Want to bring Chef Dina to your location? Can you get 10 or more people together? Do you have a space to host the class? Contact us so we can discuss the possibilities!



Cancellation Policy: Due to the expense involved in hosting a class. Registrations are non-refundable less than 30 days prior to class date.

However, your tuition may be transferred to someone else or you can receive a 50% credit towards a future class, coaching or consultation.

Green Chef Training
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1Level 1 Training$997.00$947.00Band 10.00
2Level 2 training requires previous level 1 training$1,997.00$1,947.00Band 10.00
3Level 1 & 2 Intensive $2,994.00$2,499.00Band 10.00
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