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For Coaches, Trainers and Healing Workers–Great Free Training in Heart Intelligence!

Do you know Christian Pankhurst? Winner of Britain's Next Top Coach?

If not, you've got to learn about his incredible story of how he established himself as a leading coach and facilitator in today's ever-growing personal development field. After spending 1000's of hours in small group coaching circles he made some astonishing discoveries surrounding some missing pieces that are essential for anyone building a professional coaching career. And he wants to share these breakthroughs with you... at a free online event!


I've been watching the videos and as a coach myself appreciate the approach that he takes with his client. A coaching friend of mine shared these videos with me and I wanted to share them with you. Click here to access the free videos!

Great free training for any coaches, trainers, facilitators, counselors or healing workers. I'm sure you're going to enjoy it!

If you like what he shares you may also be interested in his coaching program as well!If you're interested in his program however you better hurry as I heard there were only a few spaces left!

Click here to access the replay of the live broadcast.

for additional great free training he also has a neat video series on The Law of Attraction click here to access that!



How to Thrive on a High-Raw & Vegan Diet- Mastery Program Enrollment open for 5 days only! Fre^e ebooks!

For the first time in 5 months the enrollment doors are once again open for the Vegan Mastery Plan.
There is more high-raw content than ever!
Click here to check it out!


With Chef's such as myself, Nomi Shannon, and Elaina Love, there's even a greater emphasis on
high-raw food recipes and information. There's now for the first time also available a certificate
program for the vegan mastery program and an additional module on teaching classes!

There is a lot of information packaged in the program and it's a very good value.
Also enrollment is only open for a few days so don't miss out on the additional
bonuses that are being offered.

As an additional bonus for anyone who signs up for the gold program I'll throw
in a 1hr live online seminar after the first 30 days, where you can ask whatever
questions you have regarding the high-raw or vegan diets.

Just email me your confirmation receipt after you sign-up in the program and
I'll put you on my list to receive that additional bonus!

Very Cool don't Miss it!


Also if you haven't already downloaded your complimentary
e-books filled with great information click the link
below to download them!
Supercharge your Health with Whole Foods
and also the FRE*E Vegan Nutrition Guide!
How Vegans Get Calcium, Iron, Protein, A, B12 & D
Finally I've also got a great call from Dr. Michael
Klaper MD to share with you that is usually only
given to members of the vegan mastery program
but Trevor sent me the link to share with my list as a
You can also download the Q&A call,
"Secrets to Preventing Osteoporosis"
by clicking here: You can get access to it for the next 48hrs!FRE*E

If you like this information than I highly recommend you
check out the programs which you can enroll in starting today!

The registration is only open for 5 days so don't miss out!

You can get started with as little as 15cents for a trial membership and you'll get

some great bonuses as well!

If you're among the first 200 new students to enroll, you'll also get this life-saving super bonus package (no matter which level you sign up at):


Super Bonus #1:
Restaurant Survival Guide For Vegans (ebook)
Stop letting restaurants sneak animal fat, stock, and gelatin into your meals. Besides the usual culprits – chicken stock, lard, and oyster sauce – discover the 39 other restaurant foods often made with animal byproducts.  



Super Bonus #2:
Vegetarian and Vegan Menu Items At 21 Chain Restaurants (ebook)
Discover which menu items are cruelty-free, and which restaurants top the list for veg friendly meals.  



Super Bonus #3:
How Vegans Get Calcium, Iron, Protein, and Vitamins A, B12, and D (ebook)
In plant foods, these nutrients are harder to find, or harder to absorb. So it's crucial to know which vegan foods are the best sources. And if you want to cut down on soy or tofu, this booklet will introduce you to several other complete proteins!  



Super Bonus #4:
Vegan Holiday Recipe Collection (ebook)
Ten mouth-watering recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Passover – including tofu turkey, vegan matzo balls, vegan “egg nog”, and pumpkin pie with tofu “whipped cream”.  



Learn how to make money teaching raw food or cooking classes!

Want to make money teaching classes or coaching?

Would you like to earn money teaching raw food preparation classes? How about coaching? Or selling books, ebooks, or videos?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these, this message is time-sensitive.

The Vegetarian Health Institute has just released a groundbreaking new program, "Raw Food Riches". Top chefs will spill the beans on how to make money teaching classes, leading tele-classes and coaching. You'll also learn to go big time with books, ebooks and videos.

This program is the first ever of its kind. Since the trade secrets are being shared via Q&A calls, you can participate from the comfort of your home. But the Institute's conference call system only has room for 100 participants. So if interested, check it out right now:

>>Click here to learn more!


One of the chef's is a greenivore chef graduate! Lisa Books Williams! 🙂


Cooking and Raw Food Class Riches!

If you pay for the program in three monthly payments, note that the discount will only be applied to your first month's payment.

Cali Party -Vegan Bodybuilding, Vegan Mastery Program, Amazing Food!

So I finally made it to CALI and this past weekend was a blast!

I helped cater along with some my chef students and friends a birthday party for an amazing lady Elizabeth Bechtold who just turned 71 and she dances the Lindy Hop and does competitive skiing for fun. Super high-energy lady. If her vigor doesn't inspire you to eat more raw I don't know what will. I'll post some pics and videos from the party here. check them out!

We made an amazing spread of food including raw portabella mushroom fajitas, thai spring rolls, stuffed pesto mushrooms, lime cheesecake, and coconut creme cake and a tirimisu and chocolate raspberry torte that was created by one of my star greenivore chef students Lisa Books-Williams who runs the tri valley vegetarian society with my help and her friend Amelle.

We were also honored to have some great guests in the some of my new friends! 🙂

Trevor Justice who has created a great Vegan/Vegetarian Diet Mastery Program where you can get access to free lessons, and easy to make meals and instruction and help on following a vegan diet. Click here to learn more about that!

Dr. Michael Klapper from True Health North clinic in Santa Rosa a great place for water fasting and education.

Bob Linden of Go Vegan Radio I started listening to him 8 years ago and he's always got interesting things to say check him out.

Ken Williams-Champion Vegan Bodybuilder who proves  you don't have to eat meat to build muscle see his video below!

Did you miss Easy Greens?

We had an awesome class!! Great food and alot of fun and I
webcasted the whole thing. If you want access to the recordings
and recipes click here to access this class and the great recipe pack!!!

Chef Dina’s Updated Classes-Online Classes


By Popular Demand!

Webcast Available for Feb 28th EASY GREENS CLASS!
If you're in Texas I highly suggest attending the live class to ask questions in person and get to taste all of the recipes! Definitely worth it if you can make it! If you're out of town or unable to make the date than this is a good option to access the recordings at your convenience for up to 30 days after the class so you can watch at your convenience.
includes recipe packet, access to live webcast and recordings!
Date: Feb 28th
Time: 12:30pm-4:30pm CST
(you'll be emailed a recipe packet and directions to attend live webcast)
Investment: $87 Early Bird Special Through 2/25 ONLY $47 price then goes up!
Click here to Register!

California Classes: March 2010

New Class schedule update

view the latest class schedule and register for classes at

Limited Seating!
Register Online!


(BECOME A GREENIVORE! An Introduction to the High-Green Diet & Lifestyle)

With Eco-Green Raw & Living Foods Chef Dina Knight

Whether you are new to the kitchen or a long time "foodie", you will learn to create healthy, delicious, beautifully presented, satisfying gourmet GREEN cuisine. Chef Dina will demonstrate recipes that are nutrient dense, gluten and dairy free, that will leave you feeling energetic and vibrant. Our flavors are bold and our desserts are decadent! You won't want to miss this! Are you ready to transform your life? Gourmet health food has never been more delicious! Join us for a life altering experience!

Here are some examples of just a few benefits from the HIGH-GREEN DIET & LIFESTYLE!

"I recently attended a class hosted by Dina ....and it was truly AMAZING and INFORMATIVE, plus the food was so tasty. I highly recommend checking out her website, and signing up for her future classes. Best of luck to those seeking better health". S. Gurusamy (CA)