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DHA Vegan – Pregnant Women and children need DHA for their brains and don’t need the mercury! How about Algae?

DHA is super important for the developing brain of fetuses, but so many of the fish these days are contaminated by mercury and PCB's in their tissues.

Culerpa invading coral, Florida

As most of you know I'm a big fan of sea vegetables and algae

Creative Commons License photo credit: eutrophication&hypoxia

Check out this NPR news cast on DHA and getting that nutrient in Algae! This is vital info please help spread the word so children aren't suffering needlessly because the mother wasn't being nourished properly! DHA is important for brain and heart health! We need this for the developing children's brains but we don't want to inundate the mother and child with mercury or PCB's. Mercury poisoning is linked with mental retardation and autism. Especially if you're trying to have a vegan pregnancy finding an alternative source of DHA is key!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Daquella manera

Article from the BBC on the link between Mercury and autism!

Get a clean DHA source without the mercury! Here's one I found!


Deva Vegan Vitamins Dha, Algae, 200 mg

Check out this NPR news cast on DHA and pregnancy.

Sometimes it's difficult to locate a good vegan source of DHA but Deva Vitamins are all vegan and based on algae! DHA VEGAN VITAMINS!
Deva Vegan Vitamins Dha, Algae, 200 mg

They also have a discount program for monthly subscription orders so you can save 15%. Pretty well-reviewed also! Refer your friends also if you know anyone who is pregnant and needs this info! DHA is a vital nutrient!

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