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Gifts of meaning

When it comes to the holidays there tends to be a lot of anxiety produced around gift-giving and what would be the right thing to give someone. Will they like the color you pick out? Will it be the right size? What do I give to someone at my work place or whom I don't know that well.

One of the most precious gifts you can give someone is the gift of your time..for that is the most precious commodity we have. A gift that can never be replaced either as the present moment is always changing. It's not something you can insure but it can be worth more than you know. How do you give of your time to others? Perhaps you have a skill that you're able to help others with? Perhaps you spend time reading to young children. Perhaps you volunteer to help the elderly or homeless? In what meaningful ways do you give of your time?

Another great way to give that keeps on giving is through social programs such as Kiva. I love the concept they're using on micro-finance loans to help the poor become more empowered to help themselves through small businesses. check it out.

End of Poverty

Here's another film that's very important to watch! It is called "The End of Poverty". Check it out!

Playing in Austin on Dec 18th 2009. -

7:15 and 9:45PM at Regal Arbor Cinema at Great Hills. See

The End Of Poverty? from Philippe Diaz on Vimeo.