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Boycott Godaddy!


Creative Commons License photo credit: CJ Schmit

For those of you who don't know, there's an outrage going on right now against CEO Bob Parsons with godaddy.

He's posted a most arrogant and destructive video where he's killing an elephant in Africa.

I was appalled and disgusted by the video and immediately starting looking for a different hosting provider.

We can speak with our $$ and let him know that this is not acceptable behavior!

I will spare the gory details but you can read more about it on this link.

Here's the ORIGINAL video--but I warn you it will probably upset you@!

Here's the one that PR has edited for the news...less upsetting..makes him look like a hero!

Here's a video where he kills a leopard!

I contacted and they're going to be donating a $1 for every domain transfer to the fund and you'll get domain transfers for only $4.99 for up to 10 domains using the following

coupon code.! I had 13 domains with godaddy well no longer!!

Click the link below to get the offer!

Coupon code:BYEBYEGD

Free PositiveSSL and WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase

For webhosting I like they're completely wind powered!

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Enter: elivinghealth

or greenivoreweb

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Age of Stupid

So there are a couple of films I'm going to post about that have recently come out which are very thought-provoking and important. One is called "The Age of Stupid". It's a very powerful film on the effects of global warming, very well done!

Check it out!

The Age of Stupid: Trailers: USA Trailer from Age of Stupid on Vimeo.

Age of Stupid: DVD: Copenhagen Kids from Age of Stupid on Vimeo.

New Book

Chef Dina Knight is currently writing an exciting book on how to Green up Your Diet to improve your health, mental clarity, energy and intuition.

Learn how to eat and live in such a way to enhance your personal power and intuitive abilities. This will increase your manifesting powers and allow for greater levels of emotional clearing to occur. The body no longer trapped under mountains of stored emotional blockages can begin to release in such ways as to easily and effectively release weight and feel great! Great recipes and information within.

Chef Dina