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Lasting Love Made Easy-Gay & Katie Hendricks



Click here for access to the replay from the live teleseminar they gave!


I met Gay a few weeks ago while in Colorado, he had come to speak as a presenter at an energy conference I was at, unfortunately he had major flight troubles but we got to meet for a bit and chat and that was nice. He's very friendly, genuine and quite silly, he had on these crazy colored socks that were a gift from his wife. So today what's really exciting is that they've just announced a new program that they've created called "Lasting Love Made Easy" and they're releasing some very cool free videos that you can check out.

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Or if you're ready to check out the Lasting Love Made Easy program they're offering click here to check it out!

I can tell you in this post a little more about what is going to be offered in the program as well.

First of all it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee that if you're not satisfied in any way you can get your money back.

Second the course is  setup where they teach you some very powerful processes for attracting and finding love or making the relationship

you do have even better and more in love. They speak about the 97%, that according to their research 97% of couples are struggling to

maintain a deep and lasting love and hence why so many end up in divorce or resigned to misery. In order to avoid being a part of the 97%

and becoming a part of the 3%, having some help might make a difference. I can tell you from my own personal experience with working with

their work on Conscious Loving that it did open my eyes to several patterns that I was running in relationships with push/pull and avoidance of love and intimacy.

Here's an overview of the course!

What Comes With The Program?

1. Your Six Mentoring Sessions are the heart and soul of Lasting Love Made Easy. Each week for six weeks you listen (or watch on web tv) while Katie and Gay show you the essential keys to Lasting Love Made Easy. Each week you also join them for a 'live' Q&A session that answers your questions and amplifies the material you get in your Mentoring Sessions. You get the real secrets, what you really need to know about relationships but never had the mentoring to learn. The Mentoring Sessions are recorded and available for replay throughout the week between sessions.

Along with your Mentoring Sessions you also get…               

2. Six weekly training & demonstration videos that amplify what you learn in your Mentoring Sessions. The videos show you how to shift out of the state of consciousness that triggers problems, and into a state of consciousness in which love is easy…and very fulfilling.

In addition, you get a set of powerful tools you can use anytime…

3. Your Everyday Practice speeds up the manifestation of your relationship goals. Part meditative and part action-oriented, your Everyday Practice gives you a reliable way to shift into the new state of consciousness in which your old patterns dissolve and you open a positive new world of love and fulfillment.


When you purchase Lasting Love Made Easy, you get a free copy of our bestselling program on love and manifestation, The Relationship Catalyst ($147 value!).

First Time Ever Offered On The Web

This is the first time Lasting Love Made Easy has ever been offered on the web. Up until now, the only way to learn the material with Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks was in a training that cost $2195. Now, thanks to technology, people can make the biggest relationship breakthroughs of their lives for a fraction of the cost.

I hope you will give their course and videos series a chance and check it out to see if it could truly benefit you. After all life's too short to be unhappy!

Wishing you love, joy and happiness! Click here to learn more about their program to see if it's right for you!

Btw, if you're not familiar with some of their earlier works..check out the books/videos below.

I have been following his and Katie's work for quite some time starting with the book

Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Commitment

This book is a very well thought out and detailed handbook for having a real relationship that is based on mutual love, trust and respect, a "conscious relationship" if you will.  If you haven't read it yet I highly suggest you do, it's really awesome! He told me that this was the book that really started it all for them in terms of becoming internationally known and traveling all over the world sharing their message.

Since that time they've written several books and released dvd's such as: (click on the pictures to learn more)



this book is about breaking through your own limitations/barriers


I hope you will enjoy the videos and use them to help in creating your own beautiful relationships that last!

Click here to learn more about Lasting Love Made Easy!

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