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The Pain Relief World Summit- Tapping Solution EFT

Have you heard of EFT? I learned about EFT about 11 years ago and have used it and other energy medicine techniques to effectively reverse many painful conditions for both myself and my clients. It's a good one to learn about how to use because it's FREE. It doesn't require any special degrees to learn how to do and can be used in minutes to help release stored pain in the body.

If you're living off of advil, tylenol or other prescription pain relievers you owe it to your body to learn another way. Definitely carve time out of your schedule this week to attend this free summit! Those medical methods of pain relief are extremely taxing on the kidneys and liver and is not a sustainable way to live for good health.

Tonight marks the beginning of the Pain Relief World Summit!

Pain Relief World Summit

If you haven't already seen some of the videos of people releasing pain in minutes that he's had for over 34years! His doctors would have no clue on how to help him.

check this out!

Doctors didn't have a clue as to how to get rid of his pain.  But just from learning
the revolutionary EFT Tapping technique and applying it he was able to do something that
he'd never been able to do before.

Hopefully some day we'll see doctors and nurses doing EFT Tapping.  Until then…a lot
of people will suffer needlessly with physical pain that they could eliminate.

This clip is a preview to the upcoming Pain Relief World Summit, an online audio event
that will change the way you look at health and most importantly, help you release any physical pain you're dealing with.

Watch the clip, and when you recognize how valuable, actionable, and relevant
to YOUR life this 6 day event is, sign up to get access.

When you do you'll also get 3 audios that you  can listen to immediately to start seeing
results with pain relief in your life.

Tonight at 8PM EST Day 1 of this summit will go live.

Over 54,000 people have already registered for the Pain Relief
World Summit.

If you haven't yet go ahead and register here:

Also, the event starting tonight also marks the LAST chance to
upgrade to the platinum or gold access to the event AND still get
the pre-event bonuses.

That's right, as of 8PM EST tonight
those bonuses will be gone forever

If you haven't yet taken a look at how you can own the audios for the
Pain Relief World Summit on either 23 CD's with a printed manual or
in the digital version (MP3's and PDF's) and get the pre-event bonuses
go ahead and check that out here:

I look forward to seeing you tonight on the calls!  🙂


Some other great resources for pain relief!

Also if you haven't checked out the Tapping Solution book and dvd it would make a great gift for anyone who is suffering in pain! Check it out