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Greenivore Chef wins Vegan Iron Chef

On march 21st 2013, Greenivore Green Chef Graduate Lisa Books-Williams

competed in the first annual Vegan Iron Chef Competition in San Francisco.

Lisa was the only chef representing raw food and she took away the first place in the

competition.  Way to go Lisa!

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One of the chef's is a greenivore chef graduate! Lisa Books Williams! 🙂


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Raw Food Diet Weight Loss – Releasing 115+ lbs with a high-green diet! Raw Chef Dina Interview

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Become the you...that you want to be...:) See video below from Raw Food Chef Dina Knight. Chef Dina released over 115 pounds with a high green diet. She's been a raw chef for over 6 years and teaches people all over the country. This is truly an inspirational raw food diet weight loss story of what can happen when you commit to changing your life for the better.  Raw Food weight loss of over 115 pounds! Raw food Chef Dina Knight has been a vegetarian since age 13 but around 6 1/2 years ago her father became extremely ill and following a quadruple bypass operation was given 6 months to live. Having been a long term diabetic his health was even in worse shape and the doctors gave him no hope. This made chef Dina search for alternatives to help.  She came across the benefits of vegan diets and how they can help people reverse or heal from diabetes.  To learn more about that story click here: Healing Heart Disease and with a Vegan Diabetic Diet

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much love,

Chef Dina Knight

Click here for access to Chef Dina's Releasing Weight Program


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