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Raw Food Detox – Kevin Gianni’s Raw Food Challenge 7 Day Detox

Below is information from Kevin Gianni's new Raw Food Detox 7-day Program!: Starts today!!

Check it out here:

====>Raw Food Challenge-7 Day Detox Program

The program was created by bestselling author and health expert Kevin Gianni (you may have heard about him from the Rawkathon or Renegade Health).  I've been following Kevin's work and he's really raised the bar when it comes to being honest and straight about what works and what doesn't.  He's also had the opportunity to interview dozens of raw food experts to find out what works for them and what doesn't.

What he tells me is that most people fail on the raw food diet - or any diet - for that matter for only a few specific reasons.

One is because our systems are so our of whack from toxic load, improper foods and combining and reliance on foods that stimulate the body, not allow it to cleanse naturally.

The program he's created is called "The Raw Food Challenge" and it is engineered to address these reasons in an easy-to-do 7 day cleansing and detoxifying plan.  It's like the ultimate reboot your system needs to reset itself naturally, so you actually can thrive on raw foods. Sometimes just doing a simply 7-day Raw Food Detox can really help clean out your body! Check it out!

====>Raw Food Challenge-7 Day Detox Program

I think this program is the one thing that could snap you back on track with your eating and diet.  It's easy enough to do and the results can be significant.  One person who recently went through the program lost 11 pounds (her husband lost 8).

The Raw Food Challenge will help you get back on track.

It's only 7 days, and even though that's a short time, you will actually start to see dramatic results in your energy, your cravings and even your waist line.

In fact, Kevin guarantees it.

====>Raw Food Challenge-7 Day Detox Program

What's even better is that "The Raw Food Challenge is a complete program with all your meals and recipes laid out for you.  There's even a shopping list you can take to the grocery store with you.

Kevin also tells me that you won't pay much for your produce and the meals take a TOTAL of 15-20 minutes a day to prepare.

The Raw Food Challenge has just been released and there are thousands and thousands of raw foodies who are stepping up to take this challenge together and re-commit to raw food.  In fact, starting May 2nd, Kevin will be coaching you and those brave enough to step-up to the challenge through phone support.  This is an added bonus to the program, but you have to sign up soon to make sure your slot for this unique coaching is reserved.

Now is your time to take action too.... maybe it will help you get out of a rut or reboot your system...

====>Raw Food Challenge-7 Day Detox Program