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Spiritual Awakening-Emotional Clearing

Releasing Energy Blocks for Spiritual Awakening (Emotional Clearing)

Releasing the energy blocks that create internal stress...

Stress Kills!
Is your energy being blocked?

Dear Friend,

Stress kills!

Dr. Bruce
Lipton "Biology of Belief"

The Cause of 80-95% of all disease is stress and improper

(The Center for Disease Control and Dr. Bruce

When I talk about stress a lot of people are thinking about something that is happening outside of themselves. What I'm referring to is the internal stress that is developed in the body when we're storing negative beliefs, painful memories, and other blocks to our energy stores.

What is it that we're holding onto that is killing us? It's the energetic cellular memories that are embedded in our physical tissues that lowers our bodies vibration and creates a state of "Dis-Ease" When we're not at ease that is when we are also less likely to do those health supportive activities that keep us healthy as well. People who are under a lot of stress tend to go towards addictive substances more often, will exercise less, and generally eat less healthfully.

Until we can identify and unblock these physical issues from our cells they will continue being in a repressed and depressed state. When our cells are in a depressed state that directly affects our immune system and will lend us towards getting sick more often.


Why isn't just eating a healthy diet enough?
Do you feel like a victim of your genetics?

If you think you're eating a good diet but know that there is
still something may be storing past traumas within your cellular
matrix that are literally "depressing" you. Diet can be useful for the beginning stages of detox and can allow stored cellular memories to emerge during times of detoxification which is why cleansing is both a spiritual and physical thing to do. However, many times our systems are "protecting" us from releasing the very traumas that are trapped in our tissues and until the energetic field around the cell is changed it will continue to pulse in a 'fight or flight' stance. This will lead to burned out adrenals glands, and a myriad of other physical ailments that your higher self is trying to get you to deal with once and for all.

What I've learned this past year about stress..

This past year has been an awesome learning experience for me in
how I handled stress...the truth was it wasn't very healthy. Being that I
personally released over 115+lbs with a high-green diet I had personally detoxed quite a bit and had no idea that these "emotional" cellular memories were still in my system and depressing me. I had no idea that I was storing so much low-vibrational energy that was stressing my physical body and keeping me trapped in states of sabotage.



Why Love is so important for a healthy life!

I went through a process of discovery that led me to some pretty
hard-to handle realities about the state of my self-esteem...namely that it wasn't as high as I thought. Also I realized that fundamentally I didn't truly Love myself...LOVE?? Why am I even talking about love in regards to health.

Everything is is vibration...matter is everything is vibration?

Well the truth is that everything in the universe is vibrational energy. Everything..including you! Even though you feel like you are only a physical being, at the core of it all you are actually vibration. Everything is constantly moving and this energy will vibrates at different frequencies depending on whatever other energy that energy is in contact with and whatever that energy is trying to transmit or repel. Remember this law--Energy is neither created nor's only transferred.

This may sound completely esoteric and I understand if it doesn't make a whole lot of sense yet, but quantum science has proven a lot of things about the nature of the universe that we've been living in and we are no longer just "observers" in life. We truly do create our realities and the vibrational frequencies that we transmit daily not only affect our internal state of health but surprisingly the health and functional state of other beings that are nearby to us as well.

This is a process know as "field resonance". Essentially we operate within a vibrational field matrix very similar to a water wave or air wave. For example imagine that you are holding a tub of water. The tub of water can seem still but can also be stirred up depending on whatever is happening in proximity to the tub. For instance if I were to take a radio and place it near the water in the tub, the water would start to make wave patterns, essentially frequency modulations that would crash upon other "cells" that are in the water and change their pattern of frequency as well. My very own vibrational frequency will affect the state of the water within that tub. In similar fashion, every time we drop a pebble in the water you will experience a "ripple effect". The ripple effect is essentially the vibrational field effect that is extending out from an energy collision of some kind. This energetic frequency and pattern can continue on for miles and miles and miles. In fact we are not even truly aware of how that one action is affecting all other things that are in connection vibrationally to it.

So what does this have to do with love?

Well first of all I totally didn't even believe in love myself and I always thought it was a bunch of greeting cards, fake valentines and chocolates. I didn't get the true importance of what love is or why it's so important. The frequency and vibrational field effect that surrounds..not only the "concept of love" but even the word itself is extremely high-vibration. Masuro Emoto wrote about the transformational effects of simply writing the words Love vs. Hate on how it affected the energetic vibrational frequencies and patterns in frozen crystalline water structures.

What could this mean is that our thoughts, emotions, feelings both bad and good literally can change our world. If they can change the shape water and we're 70-80% water? What does that say about our power to effect change on a vibrational level. Are your thoughts serving you and this planet or are they filled with a destructive energy?

For more information on some of these concepts I highly recommend you read "The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, and Power vs. Force by David Hawkins.

I know this is a lot of information and I have been working on developing and sourcing tools for consciousness development and training that can allow you to go beyond your current self and stumbling blocks.

I cannot do it for you..but I can provide the tools, guidance
and know how to help you successfully heal yourself of these energetic blocks and allow more of your true "being-ness" to come through.

If this has interested you in slightest I highly suggest you attend an upcoming information call on this so I can help assist in answering any questions that you might have. To join my emotional clearing list. Please click here