Releasing weight with GREENS is EASY!

Dear Health Seeker,

If you’re ready to finally TAKE Control of your life and break-free of your emotional eating then you’ve come to the right place!I know exactly where you are because I’ve been there.

The emotional roller-coasters of food bingeing and dietary swings, this is no way to LIVE. You want to be able to EAT TO LIVE and NOT LIVE TO EAT!

I’ve designed a program that helped me release the emotional cravings to food and stay on track and want to do that for you too! 

Chef Dina Today!

The amazing healing powers of Greens!

Regardless of what diet you're into one of the keys that I’ve found to amazing health and weight loss is a focus on the very foods that many people don’t like to eat! The dark leafy greens and sea vegetables!

These mineral-rich foods and others will stave off cravings and because their nutrient density is so high and caloric intake is so low you will naturally lose weight when eating a large amount of these foods.


There's a dangerous myth out there that has told you that "fat makes you fat". The truth is that our bodies need fat to survive! The right kinds of fats are truly essential to our health and well-being! Without enough omega-3/6/9 fatty-acids our brains don't function properly and our cells can't communicate. The right kinds of fat in the right amounts is another key to optimal health and weight loss. When your body is fed the right fuel it can operate optimally, this is truly high-performance food.

Hidden sabotagers for weight loss What you may not realize is that it’s not just what you eat that matters! There can be underlying factors sabotaging your success including an underactive thyroid, blood sugar imbalances, an overgrowth of Candida, parasites, sluggish bowel, over-acidic body, blocked emotions and hidden food allergies. Detoxification of the body is key to releasing years of stored toxins and then rebuilding your body with a plan that is customized to your nutritional dietary needs is essential for creating optimal health.

Is now the right time for you?

I am here to help you if you decide that now is the right time for you. This program is highly customizable and I really want to work with people who are truly serious about changing their lives for the better.

Our next program is starting soon so if you’re not already registered you better take the time to do so now so you don’t miss out!

It is no accident that you’ve come here today! I’m honored to be your guide to help you reconnect with that part of you that somehow has gotten buried! If you’re truly ready to make a change than fill in your information below and you’ll be sent an application so we can get started!Application of nutritional science, motivation, diagnostic testing, and recipes for success!


Let’s work together to uncover the mysteries!

In love & light,

Chef Dina Knight 🙂

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  1. Cilla says:

    Hi can anyone tell me how to get into this and become a part of the releasing weight program?

  2. Johniess says:

    I have paid for the product: EasyGreen, but I have not received the link to
    access the product.
    Here is the receipt from Paypal:
    May 18, 2011 07:06:47 PDT
    Transaction ID:

    Your email addresses: and
    have failed to delivery, so that I have to contact to you by this way.
    Please send me the link of the product to my email: johniess@gmail:disqus

  3. Greenivore Support says:

    Our support staff sent you the links, if you have any trouble accessing please let us know!

  4. Natalee Zuniga-Rivas says:

    Hello Dina!

    I have a question. I have recently gone vegan and started moving in the raw direction. I accidentally froze some raw grapefruit juice by leaving in the freezer to just cool off. It was yummy!!!! What a treat! My only question is, does that affect food like heat? Would all nutrients and goodness be lost? I would love to try this with a carrot/orange. I think it would be a great raw sorbet! Long time… No see! Hope you are well!!!

  5. Diane Dandurand says:

    Signed up but did not recieve confrimation Email. Does it take a while? I signed up again and got a message that said too many subscriptions. I will wait a while… mabe it isn’t so instant


  6. Mae Jesneck says:

    I am having trouble getting the link to your subscription – it is not in my gmail. I am interested in your training program, and your raw food receipes for weight loss. Mae Jesneck

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