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World Diabetes Day

Hey everyone,

I wanted to let you know that as a special for World Diabetes Day Alex Ortner is giving a 50% discount on the film "Raw for 30 days", this will make an awesome gift and is a must-see film for anyone in your life that has diabetes or to prevent diabetes. See the preview below!


As a special bonus I'm going to be offering a diabetes education program and am offering a Live Video lecture that I did to anyone who sign's up below on the mailing list. In this video I share a lot of information.


  1. The slippery slope of health and why once you hit age 30 you need to watch out!
  2. Candida /Gluten-intolerance connection to diabetes
  3. How insulin resistance is the dangerous fork in the road heading you towards either diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune diseases or cancer.
  4. Importance of an alkaline diet
  5. Foods, herbs and spices that are helpful for diabetes and can help regenerate beta cells
  6. Q&A section and much much more!

I want to send you this free video lecture just for signing up below. If you find the information useful please pass along my websites to your friends and family as I'll be starting a diabetes education program that could help save people's lives and prevent the dangerous side-effects of diabetes such as diabetic neuropathy, amputation, loss of eyesight, kidney failure, diabetic coma and more!

Also Alex Ortner wrote me and said that in response to World Diabetes Day he's going to be offering the film again for 50% off for the next few days only! What a great deal!