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Sugar The Bitter Truth!

Sugar The Bitter Truth!

Chocolatey (small)
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A Food revolution starts with the fork: Food Fight! Documentary

There's a great new documentary called "Food Fight" which catalogs what agribusiness has done and the small revolution that is growing where culinary artists take back the flavor by choosing smaller local and sustainable farms for their produce. As a raw and living foods green chef I can tell you the taste of a conventional tomato and an organic heirloom are night and day. If for no other reason than the produce taste incredibly better I would choose local, organic, produce hands down. If you haven't checked out this film yet it's been debuting mostly on the West Coast. But you can purchase a copy of the DVD as well. Visit to view the trailer! Features Michael Pollan and other noted chefs and educators.

Check out this video on Mcdonald's 4yr old hamburger and fries!

Talk about chemicalized fake foods!

Shocking? 🙂 yeah it's pretty gross right?

Real Food Breaks Down!

How about you do find the local produce in your area to have a significant taste difference than the conventional stuff in the stores?
post down below and share this information with your friends.

Childhood Obesity Statistics – Teach Every Child About Food: Fight Obesity Jamie Oliver’s Ted Talk

Watch this very inspiring Video from Jamie Oliver's TED talk on  child obesity statistics  in America and helping our children. Post comments down below. He states several compelling childhood obesity statistics that are staggering!

"My wish is to help a strong sustainable educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again, and to empower people everywhere to fight obesity. " Jamie Oliver

This is my wish as us do it! :).