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Simply Raw Video Series! Free Videos!

Check out these great free videos from Morgon Spurlock (Supersize Me), David Wolfe, Dr. Joel Furhman, and Mike Adams!

Also take advantage of the 50% discount on the film "Simply Raw" Reversing Diabetes in 30 days! Highly Recommended!

In Video #1 with Morgan Spurlock, director of the film "Super Size Me" You'll Discover:

  • The startling story of Morgan's behind the scenes experience about the drug industry and why they don’t want to cure cancer (He’ll tell you a specific story about a doctor that you’ll find fascinating)
  • Insider information about the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association and why it’s in their best interest for people to stay sick (Warning: You may be shocked and disgusted by their actions!)
  • What Morgan did to detox his body and reverse the massive health issues that were caused by him eating only McDonald’s food for 30 days for his film “Super Size Me” (You’ll want to hear this if you’re eating any processed foods right now)
  • The simple strategy that he used to get his cholesterol, blood pressure and liver function back to normal (He’ll tell you specifics on what he made sure to cut out of his diet immediately)
  • Details on the ingredients that food manufacturers are putting into your food to make sure that you stay addicted (and how you can break their grip on your health and your wallet!)
  • The #1 solution that Morgan would implement to solve the health crisis in America (and how you can use this solution to help improve your health and the health of those around you)
  • The immediate action that Morgan recommends anyone take if they have any kind of illness (And why you won’t hear this from your doctor)

Video #2- Dr. Joel Furhman

  • The most common myth that most doctors spread that is keeping you sick (Learning this simple truth will allow you to take your power and your health back!)
  • The biological explanation for why people have food addictions (And easy to understand solutions for what you can do to break your food addictions)
  • Why most people feel sick when they haven't eaten for a while (And why this sickness is surprisingly good for you!)
  • The major change that happened with medical research over the last 30 years (And how this change has put all research since then into serious question)
  • The #1 place on your body where you want to avoid getting fat (And why having fat there should be an alarm for you to make some changes)
  • An explanation of the macronutrients that most people are getting too much of and the micronutrients that most people aren't getting enough of (This simple understanding will have you looking at your food in a whole new way)
  • The root cause of all disease (Understanding this can save you years of suffering and pain from disease)
  • Video #3- David Wolfe

  • The specific chemicals that are found in everyday foods that are killing us (Even the FDA knows about this…they're just keeping it quiet!)
  • The most contaminated substance in our environment (and what you can do to make sure that you're not being sickened by this)
  • The 5 things that you'll want to do immediately to get healthy and stay healthy (doing these 5 hings alone will dramatically improve your health)
  • The No. 1 detox that every person should do to cleanse their body (it's completely different what you would expect, even if you're familiar with raw foods!)
  • The substances that are contributing to 97% of all cancers (and what you can do to make sure these substances don't lead to cancer for you!)
  • What you can do to reverse diabetes or avoid getting diabetes in the first place (it's important to know this whether you're diabetic or not)
  • Why people are getting sicker and sicker (And what you can do to make sure you don't get sick)
  • Video #4

    World Diabetes Day

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to let you know that as a special for World Diabetes Day Alex Ortner is giving a 50% discount on the film "Raw for 30 days", this will make an awesome gift and is a must-see film for anyone in your life that has diabetes or to prevent diabetes. See the preview below!


    As a special bonus I'm going to be offering a diabetes education program and am offering a Live Video lecture that I did to anyone who sign's up below on the mailing list. In this video I share a lot of information.


    1. The slippery slope of health and why once you hit age 30 you need to watch out!
    2. Candida /Gluten-intolerance connection to diabetes
    3. How insulin resistance is the dangerous fork in the road heading you towards either diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune diseases or cancer.
    4. Importance of an alkaline diet
    5. Foods, herbs and spices that are helpful for diabetes and can help regenerate beta cells
    6. Q&A section and much much more!

    I want to send you this free video lecture just for signing up below. If you find the information useful please pass along my websites to your friends and family as I'll be starting a diabetes education program that could help save people's lives and prevent the dangerous side-effects of diabetes such as diabetic neuropathy, amputation, loss of eyesight, kidney failure, diabetic coma and more!

    Also Alex Ortner wrote me and said that in response to World Diabetes Day he's going to be offering the film again for 50% off for the next few days only! What a great deal!